And I feel like I'm stranded
It's nothing like I planned it.

Text on Back Reads:
"Blending the harsh, rigid lines of a broken mirror with the naturally beautiful curves and fades of the ocean underneath is key to this piece. On the upper portion of the canvas, a beach full of sunbathers and swimmers is present, completely unfazed by the obvious perception change looming above them, literally cracking a hole in their reality. On the bottom of the canvas, however, a single figure stands, noticing and accepting what the others did not care for: a change in perspective. A change so perfectly obvious that of course everyone would, or more importantly should, believe it, but in the end, it is only him.

This crack is presented in such a way as to showcase the millions of beliefs and concepts that could be on the other side of these narrow openings in the cavern, or what another person's perspectives could be and how they see the world we live in. But just like the majority in this piece, these astonishingly obvious perspectives and ideals are often not cared to be seen or heard."

made for my Studio Art Final and now its a shirt.
crazy how life works out sometimes.

90% cotton, 10% polyester
100% cotton shell
Front pouch pocket
2x1 ribbed spandex enhanced cuffs and bottom band
Embroidered "C" logo on left sleeve

Sizing (Inches):
S - 27½in Chest // 21in Width
M - 28½in Chest // 23in Width
L - 29½in Chest // 25in Width
XL - 30½in Chest // 27in Width
2XL - 31½in Chest // 29in Width